Pino Falcone Photographer


About Me

Emotion, technique, instinct, research, spontaneity, instant, light... How many ways to define photography.

A complex communicative art mixed innate instinct and technique, refined by years of experience and research in the field.

Pino Falcone intends in this way the Photographic art, a passion emerged at a young age, by a visit to a photo exhibition of an amateur photos (after a chance meeting with a fatal photographic magazine, found on a bench... almost a message of destiny... fanning intrigued, is taken in him the spark of passion for photography that endures intense even today).

Since that time, he devoted himself body and soul to discover and experience more and more in this world...

Meanwhile, he graduated and attended at the University of Salerno the course of Law but in recent years never abandons his true passion, which devotes all his free time, attending also numerous workshops and seminars in the industry photo.

In 2005, finally decided that the photography will be his job and opens in Minori, Amalfi Coast, his photographic studio.

In recent years, he has gained considerable experience and significantly increased its work specializing in various photographic fields: weddings, advertising, events, still life, portraits...

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